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Better We Better World

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Achieving the 2030 Agenda and its 17 SDGs


Since September 2015, the United Nations 2030 Agenda is humanity's roadmap to fix the broken world and build a better one. It is about :
- Implementing the 17 SDGs on the ground and achieving the 169 targets through courageous decisions and bold actions.
- Delivering real benefits to real people in real life, and leaving no one behind.
- Apply the principle of subsidiarity: responsibility for action lies with the relevant entity closest to those directly affected by it.

To combat the climate crisis and the massive destruction of biodiversity, our paradigm is "5 + 5 + 90" for managing complex projects with high stakes and tight deadlines:
- 5% of the work to be done is to develop the strategic action plan
- 5% is implementation and start-up
- 90% is left to our continuers, better and bigger than ourselves, who will iteratively update and then execute the action plan, and achieve the planned objectives.

Therefore we need to make bold decisions and act boldly with all our allies, partners and friends to develop and achieve the first 10%.
We promote the creation of communities of citizens and collectives that embody diversity in unity, free will, responsibility and solidarity.
They have a clear awareness of their identity, their place in society, their mission in the world, their personal truth and their life path.
Individually, they have developed self-confidence, self-esteem, agility, a taste for action and a culture of success.
Collectively, they are able to overcome fears, doubts, confusion, immobility and powerlessness.
They have been chosen for their ability to execute and manage complex projects with high stakes and tight deadlines.

To change the world, our motto is: "we are all leaders".
There is no magic or miracles because no one will do our work for us.
Determination, perseverance and continuous hard work are needed to succeed in solving the problems and challenges of our time

If, like us, you believe in effective altruism and collective success and, like us, publicly declare that "even what was not invented by us is our business, because it is about Humanity, future generations and the Earth", then you are welcome to join us.

The Power of the heart

The strength of the heart for a better world

It is in the hearts and consciences that BWBW anchors its commitment to peace and the protection of the great global family, by bringing together people and organizations working for the future of the living world.



Better Me Better We Better World

Humanity is a big family; we must take care of each other. We also must take care of the Earth which is our common home and our only home.


Let us build together, for future generations, a better, peaceful and happy world, where all human beings will enjoy freedom, peace and security.

High Fives

The big picture

Unity is strength

Our Better We Better World initiative brings together three essential parts and specific tasks.

English: Nos causes

The two principles of our functioning are free will and responsibility.

English: Citation

Our activities

Succeed together


The Revolution of Compassion

The message that the Dalai Lama addresses to the youth of the world

I now appeal to you because I have enormous faith in your generation. My young friends, you are my hope for humanity. I want to state it loudly and clearly so that you hear and respond to my message.

English: Nos causes

Our common ambition

Humanity is a big family,  

we have to take care of each other.

We also have to take care of the Earth

which is our common home and our only home.

Let’s build together, for future generations,  

a better, peaceful and happy world,

where all human beings will enjoy freedom,  

in peace and security.

English: À propos

Who we are

Actors of change and peacemakers, known and unknown, we form a powerful network to meet global challenges. Our initiative, ambitious and daring on an international scale, starts simultaneously in France and Canada, in 2020.

English: Qui sommes-nous

Contact us

If you would like to meet us and get to know us, write to us at

Merci pour votre envoi !

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