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Better We Better World

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We believe in the principle of “Diversity in Unity”, and we contribute to repair this damaged world and build a better one.

To struggle against the climate crisis and the massive destruction of biodiversity, our paradigm is “5 + 5 + 90” in managing complex projects with major challenges and tight deadlines:
- 5% of the work to be done are developing the strategic action plan
- 5% are setting up and starting
- 90% are the part left to our continuators who will iteratively update the plan, execute it, and achieve the determined goals.

Therefore, we take courageous decisions and audacious actions with all our allies, partners, and friends to initiate with determination and perseverance the first 5% + 5% = 10%:
- Implementing the 100 Proposals of the French NGO “Le Grand Défi" through the radical transformation in companies and NGOs of their process, economic model, organization, and culture
- To meet population growth of Africa in 2050, creating with AFRICA 2030 Initiative in 20 years 2,500 Special Economic Zones, each of them will feed 50,000 families
- Implementing on the ground 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, to successfully solve the problems and meet the challenges of our time, locally and globally.

If you believe like us in efficient altruism and collective achievements, a
nd if you publicly declare like us that “even if it’s not invented by us, it’s our own business, because it’s all about Humanity, future generations, and the Earth”, then you are most welcome, and please join us via our 4 websites:


Major initiatives and projects


Like other senior professionals, we can assume intellectual, economic, social, political, and cultural leadership.


By bringing together visionary strategists, experienced tacticians, Jim Collins Level 5 executive officers, and efficient managers, most of whom are better and greater than ourselves, we will be able to undertake major initiatives and projects related to the 5 Ps (Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships) such as:

  • SDG Champions in Africa, Latin America, and Asia

  • Loveforce Awards

  • Executive Education for leaders and managers who will collaborate for collective achievements

  • National and international Communities of 2nd generation Special Economic Zones, leaders, managers, changemakers, peacemakers

  • NGO thematic Communities

  • Third Place Communities

  • Startup studios and scaleup studios

  • Startups with an international vocation

  • World-class monitoring and research centers, to collect and spread state-of-the-art and best practices.


This non-exhaustive list is a huge puzzle, no human being can take care of all the problems and challenges of Humanity and the Earth alone.

The continuators, better and greater than ourselves, will each receive a piece of the puzzle corresponding exactly to their identities, their places, their missions, their truths, and their life paths.

Communities and teams united and reliable, no imposters, nor usurpers!


What we will never have enough at our disposal will be the in-depth expertise of renowned consulting firms, in business, organization, technology, digital and AI.

We will therefore call on experts, or transition executive officers, on a case-by-case basis, especially for the radical transformation in 3 to 5 years in companies of their process, economic model, organization, and culture.


Originality and singularity of our seminars


The apparent and actual levels of facilitators and participants determine the level of the seminar.


3 levels in appearances:

  • Practitioner

  • Expert

  • Master.


3 real masteries:

  • External

  • Internal

  • Unified internal and external.

1. Practicing receptivity and openness to welcome all novelties and seize all opportunities.


Every day is a new day, every day we create what never existed.

The novelties have not been prepared before and for the seminar, they are inner astonishments, Eureka! occurred unexpectedly at any time during the seminar.

Similarly, opportunities are not intentionally and artificially fabricated by the facilitation team, they arise by surprise and escape in the absence of spontaneous reactions.

The permutation in Creativity in movement is the performative moment, with a before and an after.


2. Exercise free will and responsibility to voluntarily contribute to collective achievements.


Self-esteem and esteem for others are necessary for cooperation and collaboration.

Collective efforts depend on unity and reliability based on self-confidence and mutual trust.

Getting out of the silo to join a winning team is the principle of Collective Genius.

The seminar is a time for practice, deepening and perfecting generosity, discipline, patience, perseverance, concentration, and wisdom.


3. Get out of the reduction that makes reject everything that participants do not see and do not yet understand.


It is to see and directly understand the reality of life, without going through the intellect that evaluates and compares people and situations with information that is often erroneous and always fragmentary.

Doing perfect things spontaneously and unconsciously is possible but exceptional, maybe 1 time a year or every 10 years. This is mysterious and incomprehensible because there is no indication of the way forward.

The Power of the heart

The strength of the heart for a better world

It is in the hearts and consciences that BWBW anchors its commitment to peace and the protection of the great global family, by bringing together people and organizations working for the future of the living world.



Better Me Better We Better World

Humanity is a big family; we must take care of each other. We also must take care of the Earth which is our common home and our only home.


Let us build together, for future generations, a better, peaceful and happy world, where all human beings will enjoy freedom, peace and security.

High Fives

The big picture

Unity is strength

Our Better We Better World initiative brings together three essential parts and specific tasks.

Crowd Cheering

Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 and 17 SDGs

Our Better We Better World initiative was created to bring together, and mobilize, the greatest possible number of citizens across the world to support the 2030 Agenda and to ensure the success of the 17 SDGs. It is our priority, simply because it is a vital necessity for the future wellbeing of Humanity.

English: Nos causes

The two principles of our functioning are free will and responsibility.

English: Citation

Our activities

Succeed together


Wisdoms of the Earth

The Wisdoms of the Earth campus

The Wisdoms of the Earth campus wants to transmit and disseminate the wisdom and knowledge that will enlighten the agents of change and the peacemakers to take drastic decisions and implement courageous actions.


The Revolution of Compassion

The message that the Dalai Lama addresses to the youth of the world

I now appeal to you because I have enormous faith in your generation. My young friends, you are my hope for humanity. I want to state it loudly and clearly so that you hear and respond to my message.


Resilience and cooperation

Culture of resilience and cooperation

Our current lifestyles and consumption have placed Humanity on a trajectory inexorably leading towards disasters and wars. Now more than ever, each human being, in order to survive misfortune and suffering, must develop resilience and cooperation.

English: Nos causes

Our common ambition

Humanity is a big family,  

we have to take care of each other.

We also have to take care of the Earth

which is our common home and our only home.

Let’s build together, for future generations,  

a better, peaceful and happy world,

where all human beings will enjoy freedom,  

in peace and security.

English: À propos

Who we are

Actors of change and peacemakers, known and unknown, we form a powerful network to meet global challenges. Our initiative, ambitious and daring on an international scale, starts simultaneously in France and Canada, in 2020.

English: Qui sommes-nous

Contact us

If you would like to meet us and get to know us, write to us at

Merci pour votre envoi !

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