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The Power of the heart



Our common ambition



Humanity is one big family,

we must take care of each other.

We also have to take care of the Earth

which is our common home and our only home.

Let’s build together, for future generations,

a better, peaceful, and happy world,

where all human beings will enjoy freedom,

in peace and security.


Every house or building is secure only when built on a solid foundation.

Better Me, Better We and Better World is the foundation of all our initiatives.


Our first life commitment


As humans, we are committed to living in line with our personal truth. May our thoughts, our words and our actions express every day, our sincerity, our good intentions, our free will and our sense of responsibility.

To survive misfortunes and suffering, we cultivate and spread resilience and cooperation.

To address violence, greed and selfishness, we firmly oppose predatory ideologies and destructive actions, but we do not attack individuals.


Our second life commitment


As members of the great planetary family, we are committed to living in harmony with love, the proof of which is sharing and solidarity.  We help each other with generosity but also with discipline, if need be. In all circumstances, we strive to unite mind and body, spiritual and material, and to embody determination, gratitude and stability.

With the practice of medit-action we develop the strength to make difficult decisions and the courage to take actions that are necessary for the common good.


Our third life commitment


As agents of change and peacemakers, we are committed to living in coherence with the collective salvation of Humanity, future generations and the Earth.

The unbridled growth of consumerism and consumption by Humanity inevitably leads to disasters and wars. We must redirect the course of global affairs by combining efforts in order to achieve, by 2030, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. But efforts will not stop in 2030, they will have to be continued until the end of the century to consolidate the changes.

By adding wisdom to our intelligence, in order to perfect the path of life, we will achieve success and, while making mistakes, we will have the courage to get up after every fall.




In the 21st century, humanity urgently needs to solve local problems and meet global challenges. In September 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


On December 12, 2015, at the close of COP21, the 195 delegations approved the Paris Climate Agreement, making it the most widely and rapidly signed text in the history of humanity.


With the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement, Humanity officially affirms the common ambition of achieving 17 Objectives specified by 169 targets and 232 indicators.


For over seven years, we should have rolled up our sleeves and worked together to achieve these beneficial goals for the world, and yet, because of short-term constraints, we remain stuck in inertia or take only a few baby steps. Our actions thus display derisory results and impacts compared to the gravity of the problems and issues.


Why do we not collectively have the strength to make difficult decisions or the courage to take the necessary actions for the common good ?


We are 8 billion human beings on Earth and there are as many answers to this double question, because each human being recognizes only his own truth with which he chooses his life path.


For Better We Better World, indecision and inaction are not answers nor solutions:

we decide, we act, and we call on all human beings to decide and act, in full agreement with their freewill and their sense of responsibility.


What must be done must be done: because the unrestrained growth of activities and consumption by Humanity inevitably leads to disasters and wars, we absolutely must modify the global trajectory by replacing violence, greed and selfishness with benevolence, sobriety and solidarity.


We are trapped in a tragedy with no other outcome than misfortune and suffering. To avoid the final disaster and to urgently cross the tipping point, we estimate that 2 billion human beings will have to be mobilized in 10 million concrete projects on the ground in all countries. It will be the combined results of all our efforts that will produce the critical mass for the achievement, by 2030, of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


But efforts will not stop in 2030, they will have to be continued until the end of the century to consolidate the changes.


In order to build the better, peaceful and happy world that we wish for, BWBW is and will remain an active minority, fully aware that the emancipation of Humanity, of future generations and of the Earth, can only be achieved through the exercise of collective responsibility and freewill; otherwise it will not be.


Despite the limitations of our individual knowledge, skills, experience and resources, while making mistakes, we will collectively achieve success, because we will support and encourage one another to get up every time we fall.

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