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Humanity is a big family; we must take care of each other.


We also must take care of the Earth which is our common home and our only home.


Let us build together, for future generations, a better, peaceful and happy world, where all human beings will enjoy freedom, peace and security.


Every house or building is solid only on solid foundations.

Better Me, Better We and Better World are the foundations of all our initiatives.


When we were born, we were unfamiliar and helpless babies, but we had the two wonderful abilities of learning and growing. As the years go by, these two abilities decline to the point that we to often neglect them completely.


In our personal bubble and our isolation, we rightly believe that we know everything and that we can do everything. But outside, in the reality external to ourselves, we do not see, we do not understand, we do not know and we cannot do everything.


Because all living things are mortal, we take refuge in the Carpe diem fortress:


"Since in the end I will die, I now enjoy myself as much as possible."


Suddenly, confronted by surprise and with hard tests, we provisionally put omniscience and omnipotence in a corner of our personality, and we reuse the two capacities at our disposal since the first day. Thus, by overcoming trials, we learn and grow further, we acquire new knowledge and skills, and we grow our experiences by cultivating responsibility and wisdom.


To learn and to grow is to become better – that is – Better Me.


To experience true happiness, we cannot indefinitely indulge in the devaluation and denigration of others; jealousy and meanness only give us solitary and fleeting pleasure.

The day will arrive when we suddenly realize the illusion of the zero-sum game in which each player fights aggressively against the others to get the biggest share of the pie. It is then we recognize our true identity, our place in society and our mission on Earth. We then realise that, without our knowledge, there actually is a whole other pie that no one can steal from us, nor forcefully snatch from us.


Finally, being ready to cooperate and collaborate with a spirit of openness and mutual aid – that is Better We.


Using the analogy between trees and humans, four parts exist in parallel. First the roots which are our anchor in the earth and our authenticity.  Then the trunk, soaring to the sky, which recalls both our elevation towards sublime ideals and our legitimacy in existence.  Then the branches, with their leaves, which show vitality and our credibility in the eyes of the world. But it is the fourth part, fruits and seeds, which gives meaning to the existence and life of trees: fruits and seeds do not benefit the trees themselves, they benefit all living beings whether they live in forests or in cities.

Altruism that produces real results and brings well-being and a better life to others, allows us to experience full achievement and complete fulfilment, that is our Better World.


In a better, peaceful and happy world, where all human beings will enjoy freedom, peace and security, each being will need to recognize one’s true identity, both within society and in our mission on Earth.




Seven questions help me to clarify, day by day, my true identity, my place in society and my mission on Earth:


1. What ideals inspire me?

2. What values do I embody daily?

3. How do I assess and observe the state of the world?

4. With what facts (not with which people) am I in visceral opposition?

5. What is my vision for a better world in 2030?

6. For this vision to be realized, what are the constructive solutions that I recommend?

7. What concrete projects am I already involved in?  What talents and skills do I bring to them?  What resources (time, money, in-kind donations, family, friends, or professional networks) do I make available to these projects?

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