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Since the origin of Humanity all human initiatives have constantly been confronted with two multifaceted obstacles : the disunity caused by individualism and the skepticism caused by doubt.
Our Better We Better World initiative is no exception to this rule and we are obliged to take it into account in our activities and our deployment.

Life is the union of body and mind, it is characterized by impermanence and interdependence. And we find that the stable balance is divergence and diversity, and that the unstable one is convergence and unity.

BWBW members will engage in projects and actions according to three levels of involvement, determined by their identities, their affinities, their intentions and their motivations :
1. Connection : partner networks
2. Harmony : rings of friends
3. Unity : families of allies.

The BWBW Charter and internal regulations define common ambition, frameworks of activity and rules of conduct, but they cannot prevent failures or human error.

Better We Better World is created to respond with action to the needs, problems and challenges of Humanity in the 21st century.
Think globally, act locally, this slogan is also ours for our two organizational models.

Where will BWBW be most effective ?

It’s at the local level, on the ground, where big and small projects are producing real results in people’s daily lives.
We therefore plan to create BWBW project teams, experienced and agile, preferably starting in the 94 large member cities of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. The C40 represents 600 million city dwellers from 49 countries, generating 25% of global GDP, and emitting 70% of greenhouse gases.
At the local and national levels, each center will initiate and lead its own projects, aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs. It will be an active and constructive partner of the Global Compact, C40 and all the organizations involved in the fight against global warming and the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.
At the international level, it will work in good harmony and coordination with families of allies, circles of friends and partner networks of BWBW.

What will BWBW be most useful for ?

It is at a global level, because of the complexity and urgency of global needs, problems and challenges.
BWBW aims to be a far-reaching initiative that will have large-scale impacts that meet the problems and challenges of mankind and the Earth.
We are not only working to achieve the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs.
We will create ad hoc central entities, comparable to central computers, which will fulfill three essential functions :

1. Search for relevant and / or innovative solutions
2. Conduct and coordinate the activities of global and local missions
3. Pass on knowledge, skills and feedbacks.

“Let’s build a better, peaceful and happy world together. "

All BWBW members will follow this instruction. We will do everything to make this altruistic dream a daily reality with visible and legible concrete results.

Our ambitious and daring initiative on an international scale begins in France in 2020. It is a long-term project, but there is an urgent need to act in the short term.

It is crucial that local and global leaders, agents of change and social entrepreneurs, get in motion without any delay to deploy, as quickly as possible and on a large scale, the technological and social innovations already validated by successful experiments everywhere in the world.
To speed up and secure the execution of local and global action plans, the training of project managers will be essential. Without responsible, experienced project managers carrying out their projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all decisions and actions would be postponed to later dates, or even postponed indefinitely.

Supporting public and private organizations in accelerating sustainable development

We do not aim to replace companies or organizations that effectively develop their activities.
After identifying and selecting the entities with high potential for scaling up, we will warmly encourage them to accelerate the implementation of sustainable development by amplifying their ambitions, their objectives, their resources and their impacts, with the help of visionary strategists. and experienced tacticians. Once their objectives have been revised upwards, an organizational transformation is essential and huge resources are required for deployment in their activities.

To give us the best chance of carrying out large-scale initiatives producing large-scale impacts, we will constantly seek :

1. Leverage : already in Antiquity, Archimedes had understood and mastered all the possibilities of leverage : "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world".
2. The domino effect : by analogy to the sequential fall of a line of dominoes, a minor change will occur nearby, causing another similar change, and so on until the major result sought is obtained.

If after careful consideration you recognize in yourself a vocation to innovate and transform the world, then you are welcome to Better We Better World.
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