Wisdoms of the Earth


The International BWBW Center

Better We Better World started in 2018 in Breuilpont, 1 hour from Paris by train, in the Normandy region of France.

The Garden of Peace is its historic center and will become a high place of training and healing for actors of change and peacemakers, and in particular for BWBW members from all countries.

As a pilot center for research, practice and transmission of wisdom and knowledge of the earth, it will evolve to comply with the ecological criteria of the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs, with the application of best practices drawn from experiments carried out all over the world, since 2000.

The Wisdoms of the Earth campus

The world is going badly and to satisfy the needs of Humanity, to solve the accumulated problems and to take up the global challenges, we need to become aware of the dysfunctions and their causes, to change our state of mind and to collectively cross the tipping point to quickly change our lifestyles and consumption.

The Wisdoms of the Earth campus wants to transmit and disseminate the wisdom and knowledge that will enlighten the agents of change and the peacemakers to take drastic decisions and implement courageous actions.

The training programs for teachers and different audiences will cover several areas :

  • WISDOMS OF THE EARTH, ecopsychology, ecospirituality, eco-responsibility

  • BE THE LOVE to bring a new humanity into the world by reconnecting with Mother Earth and our inner humanity through yoga, meditation, qi gong, tao, shamanism

  • KNOWLEDGES OF THE EARTH agro-ecology, permaculture

  • EARTH AND LIVING MEDICINES botany, phytotherapy, sylvotherapy, plant health, geobiology, medicine wheels, massage and traditional therapies for well-being and fitness, animal communication.

The campus wants to be an inspiring, warm place, bringing together teachers and people in search of meaning, of all ages and from all countries.

It will work on the essential questions of human existence, and more particularly :
Is it possible to transform the human activities governed to date by violence, greed and selfishness ?

  • If so, how can we move towards activities that are consistent with high ideals and values such as kindness, sobriety and solidarity ?

  • What levers and tools should be identified to build together a new paradigm of lasting peace and benevolence in our relationship to life ?

  • How to root this spirit of peace in consciences and then manifest it in mentalities and behaviors, so that societal structures and institutions evolve in the service of collective well-being, achievement of the SDGs and lasting peace ?

The campus will be a place for research, experimentation and high-level teaching on the individual transformation of Better Me and collective evolution Better We, which are the strict conditions for building together a Better World, according to the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs adopted in September 2015 by the 193 member countries of the United Nations.

A non-profit NGO, it aims to be complementary and non-competing with existing initiatives.
A supporter and partner of concrete projects locally and also internationally, it will highlight and promote the holistic approach to ecological and social transition which integrates different disciplines of human and social sciences (economics, management, philosophy, law, ethics, anthropology, epistemology…), physical and earth sciences and the lived experiences of project teams.

Anchoring the 17 SDGs in hearts and consciences

The Better We Better World Medit-Action applies traditional meditation protocols to contemporary meditation objects, such as situations covered by the 2030 Agenda. Information is brought into the field of consciousness in a sensitive form. By focusing on their painful expression, we observe the bodily feelings they generate and we release them in lucidity, empathy and benevolent love of the energy center of the heart, called "little brain of the heart" in neurocardiology.

Analytical meditation identifies in parallel the mechanisms of self-censorship, cognitive dissonance and denial, underpinned by ideological and cultural conditioning.

The empathic and compassionate implication of this medit-action modifies the neuronal circuits and the cerebral biochemistry, inducing a change of paradigm on the cognitive level ; it is the mental preparation to become aware of the problems and challenges, find the appropriate solutions and persevere in collective action until the objectives are reached.

In this cognitive and disruptive revolution, we are redefining our interaction with the Earth ecosystem and revising our social contract. We are moving from self-centered and individualistic patterns of consciousness of an ego-society, to altruism, solidarity and cooperation of an eco-society.


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