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Resilience and cooperation

Our current lifestyles and consumption have placed Humanity on a trajectory inexorably leading towards disasters and wars.  Now more than ever, each human being, in order to survive misfortune and suffering, must develop resilience and cooperation.


The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is a stark signal that reminds us of the same principles of life from several points of view:


old age, illness, death

fragility, vulnerability, fallibility

impermanence, interdependence, vanity.


It is an opportunity for each human being to become aware of the emptiness of one’s desires, hopes, expectations, omniscience, omnipotence, domination and also one’s temptations of pride, arrogance and impatience.


The times are right to embody love, compassion, joy and equanimity on a daily basis.


Life and vitality exclude the notions of good and evil and prohibit those who believe themselves the only holders of good and truth from claiming the right to destroy and massacre those whom they consider as the recipients of evil and of error.


Without delay, we must build together a society based on benevolence, sobriety and solidarity and give us the opportunity to fully experience the great human values of kindness, discipline, harmony, determination, gratitude, stability, responsibility.


Our activities and actions find meaning when they benefit others whose humanity and dignity we thus recognize and respect.

Resilience and cooperation: News
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