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Building the world

The Revolution of Compassion

In the twenty-first century individual superheroes can no longer solve the problems of the world alone. We must collectively repair the devastation and damage caused by the activities and wastes of Humanity in its mad race for unlimited growth.

To build a better, peaceful and happy world, we are carrying the Better We Better World project and launching major initiatives that will produce major impacts to meet countless global and local challenges. We know that the obstacles are innumerable and seem insurmountable. Nevertheless, we are acting efficiently and quickly to achieve the 2030 Agenda and reach the 17 SDGs because it is urgent and necessary.

Between the statements and the announcements and the results that are really obtained, there is a rigorous and difficult process, with steps to be taken successively one after the other, requiring efforts, sweat and, sometimes also, tears. First we start with baby steps, and then we will progressively move forward with giant steps.

All that is excessive is insignificant. In the face of dramatic situations contemptuous pride or scornful mockery is inappropriate, we will grit our teeth and rise every time we fall.

For a better, peaceful and happy world

The Notre-Dame cathedral of Paris burned on April 15, 2019. Just as we are going to repair it, we have to rehabilitate the Earth because, if we only visit the cathedral from time to time, we live on Earth permanently and it is our responsibility and our duty to take care of it constantly.

To mobilize 2 billion citizens of the world, we call in particular :
1. To young people who demand immediate action and who blame passive adults for stealing their future.
2. To women, the vast majority of whom naturally have a sense of intimacy, the protection of children and care of the environment.
3. To men of good will to find without delay the ideals and values of their own youth.

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